I’d been worried that we might not get music for the game. I thought I had it sorted weeks ago, but it became apparent that the musician wasn’t going to be able to deliver. I was then pointed to another C64 musician, but emails I sent to him bounced back. So I posted on Lemon64 and CSDB, and, suddenly, the problem isn’t worrying about whether or not we’ll have music, but how not to upset people when I say “I’ve decided to go with someone else“!.

I was pointed to a genuine piece of fairground music done for the C64. It’s brilliant and I’ve put in the game, only to find out it’s not original but actually a copyrighted piece of music written especially for a travelling fairground in 1984! I emailed another musician a couple of days ago, he’s done similar music to what I want, but he hasn’t got back to me. I think we will have a professional piece of music fairly soon, I just hope I don’t upset/offend anyone on the way!

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  1. Hope you get the Music Problem sorted – There ARE a lot of Talented C64 Musicians out there – I just Mentioned Andrew Fisher because he has been going for a long time with C64 Music ( Since the 1990’s if I recall ? ) but he doesn’t seem to have had the breaks unfortunately :-<

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