Back on the job….

It’s been a few weeks, matters that had to be attended to, but I’m back on the job. Many of the game elements are in place. Once I have the building blocks all working properly I can put them together and have a working game.

I now have 9 different test screens. Next is the code that switches the game to the adjacent screen when a game character reaches the edge.

I thought I had someone for the music, but I don’t.┬áIf you know someone out there who is a brilliant C64 musician, and they are itching to have their work in a new game, please let me know!

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  1. YES ! I know a C64 Musician – Andrew Fisher ( Merman ) has done LOADS of C64 Tunes over the Years – His Music Features in the Soon to be Released “Barnsley Badger” – I Have already Emailed him but if you want to contact him yourself he is on FACEBOOK and also on LEMON 64 – Hope this helps !

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